Teaching Safe Internet Usage with Monitoring Apps

How Can Parental Monitoring Apps Help Parents Teach Their Teens To Use The Internet Safely?

There is no doubt in backing the fact that the children today, especially the teens are always on their phones. In fact a recent study suggests that over 95% of young children spend most of their time on social media. Obviously, the features that the social media platforms have introduced in recent times are a reason enough to justify why teenagers are so attracted to the social apps.

We are sure anyone reading this article has registered to either Facebook or Instagram or maybe both! Okay, let's assume that you have no account on any of these platforms but we know that you must watch YouTube videos, isn't it? Well, take any of these platforms and we can tell that you must have come across short videos. If you watched it on Instagram or Facebook then you must know what we are talking about, yes, we are talking about the reels and if it is YouTube where you have seen those videos then it is called YouTube shorts. Do you also have a habit of watching these videos? If yes, then imagine that if you like watching them then how much would kids be interested in watching them and spending time on social media in general for various reasons.

Concerns of parents in the digital times

As parents, it is very obvious why they are concerned about their children's safety. The rising cases of cyberbullying, online threats and the way anything circulates on the web is alarming. The kids are the easy targets for the bullies online to thug them. This can be done by hacking your child's social media, asking their phone number to hack their device and steal the data and money from their account.

All these are very serious concerns and no parent would want their child to go through these. And today, thankfully no matter how disturbing the technology is, it also has made some good changes that can help the concerned parents in the digital times. Tools like spy apps for parental control are beneficial for parents that do not want to compromise on their child's digital safety.

The peace of mind with spy apps

The spy apps are a way to parents' peace of mind. These apps come loaded with many useful features that ensure that your child is fully safe against any online threat. The features provide detailed reports of everything the child is doing on their device, all it requires is signing up for those things that you wish to monitor. All this data gathered with the help of mobile spy apps can allow parents to know about the potential threats and take the necessary precautions before they run out of time.

Moreover, the phone spy apps also allow parents to perform certain activities remotely on their child's phone. For instance, parents can check which websites their children are visiting and if they find them inappropriate then they can remotely block the website and this way the child won't be able to access it again. These restrictions ensure that their children are not exposed to any harmful or inappropriate content.

There are more features that the parents can benefit from about which we will talk in detail below.

Features of spy apps that ensure teens safety

There are many spy apps that are compatible with android and iOS devices. While some apps are freely available, there are also paid phone monitoring apps available on the internet. The features may vary of the spy apps depending on the one that you choose. While you may be inclined towards the free spy apps, we recommend you to choose a paid application as there is a huge difference between the two when it comes to the features.

While free spy apps for android phones have very limited features, the paid spy apps offer a wide range of features. Let's take a look at the features of a paid monitoring app.

Call Recording: The hidden call recorder helps you listen to the phone conversations remotely once the call is completed. Additionally, you can also view the caller's details like their name, phone number, duration and the time of the call. However, it is important to note that not every spy app offers this feature so it is advisable to check for the app that fulfills this requirement. Like, CHYLDMONITOR is one such app that has the hidden call recording feature so you can try this application.

Location Tracking: Being able to track the location of your child is one of the basic requirements of any parent. The phone monitoring apps let you know about the whereabouts of your loved ones and with apps like CHYLDMONITOR, you can also view the recently visited places of your child.

Social Media Monitoring: Social media monitoring is a key feature of a good spy app. You can spy on WhatsApp chatsInstagram messagesFacebook messages and much more. The spy apps also let you access the multimedia exchanged through social media.

Ambient Sound Recorder: This feature can be used by remotely enabling the microphone on the target device which then allows parents to listen to the real time conversations and the surrounding sounds of their children.


Besides, using a spy app, it is also essential to educate your children the importance of wisely using social media and the web. Moreover, if parents wish to use the spy apps then these software can help parents initiate conversations with their children about responsible internet usage, especially when we talk about social media. Parents can use the gathered information to discuss any concerning activity or content the child might have come across.

Parental control apps can be a valuable tool for parents as they provide a sense of control and supervision but at the same time these phone spy apps also open doors for open communication that also allows children to express their feelings with more transparency without feeling that they could be judged by their parents.

Safely monitor the people you care for with our top cell phone monitoring solution from online threats like cyberbullies and inappropriate content.

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Safely monitor the people you care for with our top cell phone monitoring solution from online threats like cyberbullies and inappropriate content.

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