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Call Blocker

Android call blocker is one of the rudimentary features of CHYLDMONITOR by which You can block incoming call from any specific number on the phone by using the remote control.

  • Block contact to restrict incoming call from any specific number.
  • Take Control of your Target’s Calling Activities
  • No Root Required
  • Unblock call anytime

Additional Perks of Using CHYLDMONITOR’s Call Blocker

Due to the high number of irrelevant calls that most of us receive these days, it becomes hard to differentiate between calls that are meaningful, calls that are entirely useless and other calls that are simply annoying. An android call tracker can assist you in deciding which calls to pick, ignore or block.

An overwhelming amount of fraudulent sales, scams and threats are being carried out everyday through cell phones over calls. A call tracker app for android is an efficient tool that will help you deal with these calls in an effective manner.

Through this app that lets you monitor phone calls, you can monitor your kid’s cell phone and know for sure whether they are being bullied or bothered by someone over calls. You can also prevent your old parents or grandparents from getting involved into any deceitful purchases. CHYLDMONITOR is one of the best monitor calls app for android devices as it provides uninterrupted information at the most affordable prices in the market.

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