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Chyldmonitor allows you to monitor messages sent and received over Hike.

You can:

  • View all messages received and sent across different conversations and contacts in Hike.
  • Check the details of each message, including the date and time and the contacts involved.
  • Why This Feature is Useful?
  • Monitor and prevent inappropriate conversations that take place over Hike. View contact information for the most popular contacts. Check the content of messages as well as their date and time to make sure the phone isn’t being used for inappropriate Hike conversations.

Any Restrictions?

This feature has no restrictions.

How to use Chyldmonitor to monitor Hike Messenger chats?

We are offering 24 hours free trial for all our new users because we believe you to pay only once you are satisfied with the product/services. If the person you want to monitor doesn’t have an android device, Chyldmonitor would unfortunately be incapable of serving you.

If the target device happens to be an android phone, you can easily avail the features of Chyldmonitor. You can also ask our experts about the compatibility of the phone which you want to monitor, Also you can avail for 24 hours free trial.

  1. Register yourself with Chyldmonitor by entering your Name, Email Address and passwords, by clicking on 24 HOURS FREE TRIAL. (you can later on make a purchase of plan/subscription suitable to your needs, if you like the features of Chyldmonitor).
  2. Now take the phone which you want to monitor and on the incognito window open user.Chyldmonitor.com and login with your login credentials.
  3. Once you login to the dashboard, Download the apk file and follow the instructions mentioned in the installation guide.(this will hardly take 5-6 mins).
  4. There you go, Now login from any device with the help of this link user.Chyldmonitor.com and check activities of the phone in which you have installed the application.

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Use your existing email ID to sign up for a free account.