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Chyldmonitor provides a WhatsApp tracking feature that monitors chats, calls, and multimedia sharing. And also keep your loved ones safe from cyberbullying and harassment, inappropriate content and scams, and excessive screen time.
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A WhatsApp spy app for child monitoring refers to software aimed to monitor and track a child's WhatsApp usage without getting detected. CHYLDMONITOR offers the best child monitoring solution with excellent Whatsapp Spy features used by parents to keep an eye on their children's online activities, including their interactions, messages, media sharing, and contacts within the platform.


CHYLDMONITOR is the best parental control app as it gives the user every feature they wish for, and this app is a complete package that ensures to include all the basic needs or requirements of parents concerned with their child’s safety. The key features of CHYLDMONITOR include:

  • CHYLDMONITOR also allows parents to view the list of contacts saved on their child's WhatsApp and monitor any contacts added or deleted.
  • The CHYLDMONITOR WhatsApp spy app also provides information about the target device's incoming or outgoing WhatsApp voice and video calls.
  • Parents can monitor media files exchanged with others, such as photos, videos, and audio.
  • This feature allows parents to view the content of incoming and outgoing messages on WhatsApp, including text, images, videos, and voice messages.

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One additional feature that the CHYLDMONITOR WhatsApp Spy App offers to parents is that it can record WhatsApp voice calls and give audio recordings of video calls.

Powerful WhatsApp Spy Software Features For Phone Monitoring

Monitor Chats and Text


The safety app for android lets you look through the contact list on the target device.
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Chyldmonitor Whatsapp spy feature


Spy on WhatsApp messages and calls with our WhatsApp spy software.
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Person on Call - Hidden call Recorder feature

Call Logs

Get the best call recorder for android devices and listen to the phone conversations remotely.
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Track Location with Spy App

Real-Time Location

GPS tracking app for android allows you to view your target’s accurate and real-time location.
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Read Deleted Messages

Browser History

Secretly monitor your target’s browsing history and get insights of their online activities.
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Remotely access monitoring app

24 Hours Monitoring

Monitor your loved ones remotely without ever being discovered.
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Firstly, you have to install the CHYLDMONITOR WhatsApp monitoring app on the target Android phone to track every single step of WhatsApp activities. The WhatsApp spy app continues to run in the background without getting detected. After installation, this app requires permission to access WhatsApp data, including messages, calls, and media.

Parents can view their child's WhatsApp activities, including messages and media shared, through a monitoring interface or online dashboard. The CHYLDMONITOR WhatsApp spy app provides voice call recordings that are stored on the server and can be accessed later.

Some key benefits of using our WhatsApp Spy App include:

  • Monitoring also assures parents about their child's safety and happiness.
  • CHYLDMONITOR offers monitoring features for various social media platforms besides WhatsApp.
  • Parents can ensure their child's safety by monitoring their interactions on WhatsApp through the CHYLDMONITOR app.
  • Monitoring provides a valuable understanding of a child's online behaviour, and parents can actively interfere in emergencies or risky situations.
Chyldmonitor Phone & Laptop Dashboard

3 Simple Steps to Start WhatsApp Monitoring Remotely

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System Setting


Choose Add Device on the child's platform. Follow install prompts.

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Start Monitoring

Log in to the CHYLDMONITOR dashboard to start monitoring the child's remotely.

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Compatibility of Chyldmonitor Spy Application With Android

Chyldmonitor spy application is compatible with all the devices that are Android 4.1 version and above. The remote monitoring software works as a hidden android spy app in all the android devices.

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Monitor With Chyldmonitor in 3 Easy Steps!

Sign Up

Visit the Chyldmonitor website and sign up to receive all the details on your registered email address.

Installation Guide

Follow the installation guide shared on your registered email address & download the app on the target phone and complete the step-by-step installation.

Login & Start Monitoring

After installing the app on the dedicated phone, login to web.chyldmonitor.com to start monitoring.

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Hassle-Free Installation With Chyldmonitor Installation Assistance

Teamviewer Quick support

Chyldmonitor offers installation assistance . Once the android monitoring software is purchased, our experts will guide you on how to install the spyware on the target device and if you want, our experts can also remotely do the installation for you. The application will be installed via TeamViewer and physical access to the android device which you want to monitor is required to install the app.

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Users’ Testimonials About Chyldmonitor

What do users say about Chyldmonitor?

You are genius people and very speedly service for us everytime you response me and solve my problem in just few minute thankyou karanji we contin... show more


2022-12-27 09:18:52

Ahmedabad, India

Yes it is very nice app for providing services I love so much


2022-12-19 08:25:28

Delhi, India

They provide call recording feature with low price


2022-05-08 10:38:48

Kanpur, India

As a single parent of a 15 year old girl, I was immensely concerned about my daughter's usual hangout spots and the acquaintances she made. She spe... show more

Melissa Turner

2020-08-29 10:41:44

Buryatia, Russia

CHYLDMONITOR has made it a lot easier for me to detect the efficiency and work quality of my employees. Recommended to all companies

Elizabeth Green

2021-03-29 10:40:26

Dublin, Ireland


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*Works on Android 4.1 (JellyBean) & above only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a WhatsApp spy app, and why would someone use it?

A WhatsApp spy app is a tool designed to track and monitor activities on the WhatsApp messaging platform. It can be used for various reasons such as parental control, employee productivity management, or ensuring the security of a loved one.

2Is it legal to use a WhatsApp spy app?

The legality of using a WhatsApp spy app depends on the jurisdiction and the purpose for which it is being used. In many cases, it is legal for parents to monitor their minor children's activities. However, it's crucial to check local laws and regulations to ensure compliance.

3Can a WhatsApp spy app track messages and media files exchanged on WhatsApp?

Yes, most WhatsApp spy apps allow users to track text messages, multimedia files, and other content exchanged on the WhatsApp platform. This feature helps users stay informed about the communication activities of the target device.

4Does the monitored user get notified about the app's presence on their device?

No, reputable WhatsApp spy apps operate in stealth mode, meaning they work discreetly without alerting the monitored user. However, it's essential to review the app's features and settings to ensure proper stealth operation.

5Can a WhatsApp spy app track real-time location through WhatsApp?

Some spy apps offer real-time location tracking features, but this is typically based on the device's GPS capabilities rather than spy WhatsApp specifically. Users should check the app's features to determine its location tracking capabilities.

6Are WhatsApp spy apps compatible with both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, many spy apps are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It's crucial to check the app's specifications and requirements to ensure compatibility with the target device.

7How can I ensure the security and privacy of the data collected by the spy app?

Reputable WhatsApp spy apps employ strong encryption measures to secure the data collected. Additionally, users should choose a reliable and well-reviewed app, follow best practices for securing their monitoring account, and comply with legal and ethical guidelines while using the app.

Safely monitor the people you care for with our top cell phone monitoring solution from online threats like cyberbullies and inappropriate content.

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Safely monitor the people you care for with our top cell phone monitoring solution from online threats like cyberbullies and inappropriate content.

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