Is There Any Phone Tracker App for Android to View Call Logs?

Is There Any Phone Tracker App for Android to View Call Logs?

The way we have started using smartphones in our daily lives, there has also been a drastic rise in concern of how it can turn into a dangerous weapon in the long run. One of the ways to ensure that your loved ones are safe and also use their device wisely, you can install a phone tracker app on their Android device. By doing so, you can access their call logs, social media accounts, location and much more.  

While many people are aware of a few common features of a mobile spy app for Android, many still think that it is not possible to view call logs of the target device. But just to clear your doubt, with a spy app, you can view the call logs of the dedicated device. And not only that but by signing up to a good call log monitor app, you can access the call recordings and the details of the caller. And the best part is that all this can be done remotely.  

How can a mobile tracker app for Android help?

The work of a mobile tracker spy app for Android is to track the information you want to know about from a target device. The information collected is then stored to a secure server from where it is accessible and some apps like CHYLDMONITOR also allow you to save the data from that server to your phone's local storage so that you never miss out or lose any crucial information.  

The activities a parental control app is capable of tracking include almost everything that the target does on their phone. To start monitoring, all you need to do is, have physical access to that device just at the time of installation. Once the app is installed, you can make it undetectable so that your target doesn't get to know about it and you can start spying on them instantly.  

CHYLDMONITOR is a comprehensive monitoring solution that is compatible with majorly all android phones that allows users to view call logs, contact details and listen to the call recordings also. The interface of the application is user-friendly so just in case you are not that tech-savvy, you don't have to worry as to how you can utilize the app.  

How can I view my target's call logs on Android phones?

By far, you know you can install the tracking application on your target's device and why you can use a spy app. Now, if you want to view your target person's call logs, all you have to do is go on the control panel whose access you get after making the purchase. On the control panel, you can see the caller's complete information, like their name, their phone number, the duration of the call and the time of the call.  

The app's capabilities don't end here. You can also use the hidden call recording feature that allows you to listen to the call recordings once the call is completed. You can save the recording to your phone's storage as well and even block the caller from calling on your target's phone number.  

The phone tracker spy app for Android offers more advanced monitoring features, including remote camera access, social media monitoring, live-location tracking and more.  

This android phone tracker spy app is a popular choice among parents who want to monitor their child's phone activities. The app's functionality is simple but in case you need any kind of assistance for a broader knowledge of features, package pricing and performance then you can contact their customer service to guide you.  

Talking about the customer support, you can contact the experts via live chats through the CHYLDMONITOR website, helpline numbers, email and WhatsApp.  

It is essential to carefully research and choose the right app that suits your needs and budget, that's why CHYLDMONITOR offers 24*7 demo on their official website from where you can view it and understand how your control panel will look and how you can use it.  

You can also read the reviews of the spy app and check their rating so that you can get more clarity by knowing what its existing users have to say about it. It will be helpful for you to make a planned pu rchase.  


There are many phone tracker spy apps for Android available that claim to provide access to call logs and many other features. However, it is essential to carefully cross-check before signing up to any app you wish to go for. Moreover, we recommend you to choose a reliable and reputable app that suits your needs and budget like CHYLDMONITOR.  

Safely monitor the people you care for with our top cell phone monitoring solution from online threats like cyberbullies and inappropriate content.

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Safely monitor the people you care for with our top cell phone monitoring solution from online threats like cyberbullies and inappropriate content.

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