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Track commotions of any Android mobile phones to know about targeted device with CHYLDMONITOR, the parental control app.

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  • Track incoming and outgoing phone calls
  • Track WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram
  • Track real time GPS location through phone
  • Click pictures with spy phone camera and more.

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Powerful Features of Our Mobile Phone Tracking Software

Monitor Chats and Text


The safety app for android lets you look through the contact list on the target device.
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Chyldmonitor Whatsapp spy feature


Spy on WhatsApp messages and calls with our WhatsApp spy software.
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Person on Call - Hidden call Recorder feature

Call Logs

Get the best call recorder for android devices and listen to the phone conversations remotely.
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Track Location with Spy App

Real-Time Location

GPS tracking app for android allows you to view your target’s accurate and real-time location.
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Read Deleted Messages

Browser History

Secretly monitor your target’s browsing history and get insights of their online activities.
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Remotely access monitoring app

24 Hours Monitoring

Monitor your loved ones remotely without ever being discovered.
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3 Simple Steps to Start Monitoring Cell Phone Activity

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System Setting


Choose Add Device on the child's platform. Follow install prompts.

Pc Dashboard

Start Monitoring

Log in to the CHYLDMONITOR dashboard to start monitoring the child's remotely.

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Compatibility of CHYLDMONITOR Spy Software With Android Phones

CHYLDMONITOR, phone spy application is compatible with all the devices that are Android 4.1 version and above. The remote monitoring software works as a hidden android spy app in all the android devices.

Monitor With CHYLDMONITOR in 3 Easy Steps!

Sign Up

Visit the CHYLDMONITOR website and sign up to receive all the details on your registered email address.

Installation Guide

Follow the installation guide shared on your registered email address & download the app on the target phone and complete the step-by-step installation.

Login & Start Monitoring

After installing the app on the dedicated phone, login to to start monitoring.

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Hassle-Free Installation With CHYLDMONITOR Installation Assistance

Teamviewer Quick support

CHYLDMONITOR offers installation assistance . Once the android monitoring software is purchased, our experts will guide you on how to install the spyware on the target device and if you want, our experts can also remotely do the installation for you. The application will be installed via TeamViewer and physical access to the android device which you want to monitor is required to install the app.

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Users’ Testimonials About CHYLDMONITOR

What do users say about Chyldmonitor?

You are genius people and very speedly service for us everytime you response me and solve my problem in just few minute thankyou karanji we contin... show more


2022-12-27 09:18:52

Ahmedabad, India

Yes it is very nice app for providing services I love so much


2022-12-19 08:25:28

Delhi, India

They provide call recording feature with low price


2022-05-08 10:38:48

Kanpur, India

As a single parent of a 15 year old girl, I was immensely concerned about my daughter's usual hangout spots and the acquaintances she made. She spe... show more

Melissa Turner

2020-08-29 10:41:44

Buryatia, Russia

CHYLDMONITOR has made it a lot easier for me to detect the efficiency and work quality of my employees. Recommended to all companies

Elizabeth Green

2021-03-29 10:40:26

Dublin, Ireland


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*Works on Android 4.1 (JellyBean) & above only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a Mobile Phone Tracker for Android, and how does it work?

A Mobile Phone Tracker for Android is a software application that allows you to monitor the location and activities of an Android device. It typically uses GPS and other location services to provide real-time tracking information.

2Is it legal to use a Mobile Phone Tracker on someone else's Android device?

The legality of using a Mobile Phone Tracker varies by jurisdiction. It is crucial to obtain proper consent before tracking someone else's device to comply with privacy laws. Always check and adhere to local regulations.

3Do I need to install the Mobile Phone Tracker app on the target device?

Yes, in most cases, you need to install the tracker app on the target Android device. This allows the application to access location services and transmit the data to your monitoring dashboard.

4Can the tracked person detect the Mobile Phone Tracker on their device?

Many Mobile Phone Tracker apps operate discreetly, without visible icons or notifications. However, it's essential to choose a tracker that prioritizes stealth and user privacy to minimize the chance of detection.

5What information can I track using the Mobile Phone Tracker for Android?

Depending on the app, you can track the device's real-time location, call logs, text messages, browsing history, app usage, and more. Review the features of the specific tracker to understand its capabilities.

6Is the Mobile Phone Tracker compatible with all Android devices?

Most tracking apps are compatible with a wide range of Android devices. However, it's crucial to check the app's compatibility with the target device's operating system version.

7How secure is the data transmitted from the tracked device to the monitoring dashboard?

Reputable Mobile Phone Tracker apps use encryption protocols to secure the data transmission. It's essential to choose a tracker with robust security measures to protect the privacy of both the tracker and the tracked individual.

Safely monitor the people you care for with our top cell phone monitoring solution from online threats like cyberbullies and inappropriate content.

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Safely monitor the people you care for with our top cell phone monitoring solution from online threats like cyberbullies and inappropriate content.

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