Sanitizing Social Media for kids

Sanitizing Social Media for kids: Monitoring Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and More

We all know how important sanitization is today, especially since we witnessed pandemic. There is no doubt in it that technology has evolved over the years but if we talk specifically about it post pandemic situation, we can clearly see how it has turned everyone's life and that is why digital sanitization is also equally important, especially if you are a parent of young children.  

We saw how during COVID times schools were conducted online, doctor's consultation was possible online, buying groceries online became easier and with the pandemic situation getting better, we also witnessed that things came back to operations how they used to before pandemic but we cannot overlook that people find it more convenient now to get most of their work done online and we can see how all this is now a continuous process. But remember, no matter what, sanitization is a must for your home and even your child's social media.  

We know how much kids are addicted to and affected by social media today so it is better to keep a check on everything your child does online so that you are aware of everything they do on their phone.

Why it is important to monitor your kid's social media

Social media can take a toll not only on your child but also on you which can have a heavy impact on your family as a whole. The pressure that the social networking sites have put on the younger generation raises many questions and to be able to deal with it timely can do wonders in your child's upbringing as well as their overall wellness.  

The reason why your child is constantly on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more such platforms is because they have a fear of missing out on and with what their friends are up to. They feel this constant need for validation from their connections online, interestingly out of which many of them are complete strangers.  

As a parent, you should be a step ahead and keep track of your child's online activity because another crucial reason is cyberbullying. Sometimes, there are cases where children suffer in silence and don't come to their parents or anybody to share their sufferings. Just so your child is not on the receiving end, you should talk to them, more than trying to be their parents, try connecting with them as a friend, give them the comfort and space they desire.  

Cyberbullying can have serious consequences on anyone but when there's a child who is being targeted, this can lead to massive impact on their mental health, leading to anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts. By checking on your child's social media activity, you can identify any signs of cyberbullying or online or web threats and take necessary steps to address it.  

Safeguarding kids on social media

To maintain cyber wellness for kids, it is important to use a tool that is effective and brings you results. That's why social media monitoring apps are a great recommendation that can help you with digital parenting. These spy apps can help safeguard kids on social media and also provide you with proper and accurate information of everything your child does on their device.  

Social media provides easy access for predators to reach out to children and manipulate them into sharing personal information or meeting in person. By using a mobile spy app to check their social media accounts, you can be aware of any suspicious interactions or messages and take necessary precautions to protect your child even before they actually fall prey to such a situation. You can use WhatsApp spy feature to read their chats in real-time and also see their direct messages on Instagram & Facebook and other social media apps.  

Social media is also a dangerous platform when it comes to the type of content it can show to young children. Thiscan include violent and visually unacceptable content, drug usage and more. With so much information available on the internet, it is difficult to filter out the appropriate and inappropriate information. This is another reason why parents should use a phone monitoring app and check their children's online activity and behavior.  

Do more than just social media monitoring

Aside from social media monitoring, you can also use other features of a spy app like hidden call recorder to listen to the calls of your child so that you know who they are talking to and if need be then you can also block the number remotely from your child's phone. By using the location tracker, you can know the whereabouts of your child and ensure that they are safe even if you are not around them.  

Moreover, when you figure out where your child needs your guidance, you can step in and give them inputs in making responsible choices and help them understand the potential consequences of their online actions.  


It is essential to set boundaries and establish certain rules as to how your child should use social media. This can include limiting their screen time, blocking certain apps, and having access to their phones with the help of a spy app like CHYLDMONITOR. All these measures ensure that your child is using the internet responsibly.  

Safely monitor the people you care for with our top cell phone monitoring solution from online threats like cyberbullies and inappropriate content.

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Safely monitor the people you care for with our top cell phone monitoring solution from online threats like cyberbullies and inappropriate content.

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