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Improve Your Workplace Productivity Through Employee Monitoring

Owning a business means juggling many hats from sales to marketing, you want a grip on everything. But let's face it, handling it all alone is like trying to tame a dragon with one hand. That's where your dream team comes in. Each member takes charge of a different task. Yet, the real trick is keeping everyone in sync and productive. How do you make sure your crew stays on the top of their game? That's the puzzle we're going to solve in this article. 

Employee monitoring apps to boost productivity

Employee monitoring apps involve the use of technology to track and assess employees activities and performance. This can include monitoring phone usage, internet activities, email communications, and even physical movements within the workplace. While some may view this as an invasion of privacy, when implemented responsibly and with consent, it can provide valuable data for improving workflow and efficiency.  

Do they help?

Well, if we look at the statistics, according to the Research Council Survey, 2023, 62% of companies using employee monitoring software reported increased productivity. So, if we go by the numbers, then yes, employee monitoring apps help in boosting workplace performance. However, there are steps that you should be following before implementing child monitoring for your business. We'll look at them in the next section. 

Steps before implementing workplace monitoring

Before you jump to monitoring your employees, there are a few crucial steps that you need to consider. Let's discuss them below.  

Set clear objectives:

You want to boost employee productivity but how? This is the question you need to ask yourself. What is it that you want to monitor? Do you want to know if your employees are logging in at the right time or if you want to track their project hours? Have a well-defined purpose behind monitoring your employees keeping the communication clear.  

Seek consent:

According to the Research Council Survey 2023, 14% of companies do not inform their employees about the use of spy apps, raising ethical concerns. While it is not a crime to monitor the productivity of your employees, it is wrong to be doing it without consent. This can be classified as spying on your employees which might also be illegal in some countries.  

Choose the right monitoring app:

One of the most important steps is to choose the right app for employee monitoring. This means that the app should offer all the features that match your requirements while also keeping your crucial and sensitive data safe and secure.  


You have decided to monitor your employees but your employees might not be well-versed with the monitoring app that you might plan to use. Therefore, it is crucial to provide them with training sessions on the usage of the app for maximum benefit and best results. 

How can employee monitoring apps help in boosting workplace performance?

Time management:

Employee monitoring apps can be downloaded on employees phones to ensure that they manage their time well. For instance, it is through these apps an employer can see if they are spending a lot of their time on apps that can distract them like social media, gaming, or instant messaging apps. It can also help the employers know if there is any non-work related browsing that is taking place on the phone. The employer can not only view this data but also block these apps optimizing the workflow.  

Traces whereabouts:

Mobile monitoring apps also help in tracking the whereabouts of the employees. This can be extremely helpful to keep an oversight on the employees working remotely. It can let you know the accurate data of whether they are available in front of their screens or not.  

Helps with training:

Phone monitoring apps also have hidden call-recording capabilities. This is especially helpful in training people working in the customer care department. Their conversations with the customers can be recorded and can be revisited later to see where there is a scope for improvement. This helps in training these employees better for the future.  

Prevents data breaches:

Monitoring apps can help detect and prevent potential security threats by monitoring communication and data transfer, and safeguarding sensitive company information.  

Which employee monitoring app to opt for?

Boosting workplace performance can be done using CHYLDMONITOR, the best monitoring app. It offers 60+ features including WhatsApp spyhidden call recorderlive location tracker, social media monitor, and much more. Apart from the host of features that it offers, it also provides end-to-end encryption, keeping your data safe and secure. The process of installation is hassle-free and only requires a couple of minutes. On top of that, if someone doesn't want to install the app themselves, they can also opt for installation assistance. The benefits are further enhanced by the 24*7 customer service that comes along with it, all at a nominal cost.  

In conclusion

Running a business is tough, and managing a team adds another layer of challenge. To ensure your team boosts productivity and contributes to business growth, one option is to use technology to monitor employees. However, it's crucial to get their consent before implementing any monitoring tools.  

Apps like CHYLDMONITOR can help enhance overall productivity. It stands out for its features, strong privacy measures, and excellent after-sales support, all at a very affordable price.  

We hope this article has addressed your questions about employee monitoring!  

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Safely monitor the people you care for with our top cell phone monitoring solution from online threats like cyberbullies and inappropriate content.

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